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Introduction of Immovable Property Registration and Management Platform
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 1.  Construction Background

The current duty for registering the immovable properties lay in multiple ministries, such as land, residential, agricultural, forestry, oceanic, and so forth; the registration progress and standard also vary during the process. With the development of the economic society, marketing economy has leveled up its property regime on duty distribution, and meanwhile, the original methods cannot keep up with the modern society.

On November 20th 2013, the state council meeting made a decision to integrate immovable property registration duty and to form immovable property registration regime. They have come to the conclusion that one ministry shall take up all the registration duties which were given to multiple ministries and provide “one-stop” immovable property registration service.

The “Notice for Constructing Immovable Property Digital management information platform”, published by the Land Ministry in 2015, demanded all the administrative departments in each level to accelerate the construction of such management platform and achieve a domestic network connectivity of the registration process

2. Platform Location

The immovable registration management platform provides service mainly to four types of groups: land real estate registration departments at all levels, immovable property auditing and exchange management departments, other relevant departments, and ownership of the people involved. The platform provides all kinds of services including business registration support, information timely sharing, information exchange, information inquiry service, and so forth.

3. Overall structure

User’s Level:

Immovable Property Registration Bureau, Public(Property Owner), Examination and Approval Authorities.

Application Level:

Immovable Property Registration Core Business System 

Rights Investigation                 Immovable Property Registration

Information query                               File Management

Immovable Property Registration Access Switch       Statistical Analysis

Immovable Property Registration Public Service system

Immovable Property Registration official website

Immovable Property Registration portable Smart APP

Immovable Property Registration WeChat Platform

Support Level:


Table   Engine   MIS   GIS   ID   Chart

Statistical Level:

Immovable Property Registration Information

Rights Investigation Information

File Information

Spatial Information

Statistical Analysis Information

Infrastructural Level:


Government Internal Web/Land Ministry Source Business Web/ Mobile Internet(MI)


4. Platform composition

1.       Immovable Property registration Data integration and construction

The management and integration of non-spatial data and spatial data including land, real estate, agriculture, forestry, and other data; digital processing of the files; unification of the code; switch of the coordinates; correction, integration, collection, and submission of the required data.

2.       Immovable Property Registration Information Management Platform

The core service of the platform include registration investigation, access switch, information management, and statistical analysis; social information inquiry service; and file management system, and so forth.

3.       Immovable Property Registration Service Hall

The hall has following facilities: waiting-to-be-called system, LED Big Screen Display system, ATM machine, fingerprint identification service, attendance system, and equipment integration.

4.       Immovable Property Registration Portable Application Terminal

Immovable Property Registration Management official website, official wechat platform, and portable smart APP. This will provide registration service for the public and the bureau staff members.


            5.Functional features

1.              Tailored visual registration service process

The platform depends on strong workflow engine which visualizes all the registration process.

2.                “Scan code” One-time Notification

The applicants can choose to scan the code trough their phone for easy access to the guidance information.

3.                Zero manually type-in

Through the integration and connection of the high photographic apparatus, fingerprint identification equipment, evaluator, etc, registering the application form, original materials, photos of the applicants, ID information become quite easy.

4.                Immovable property Unit Number Pre-generated

5.                Immovable Unit Linkage Inquiry

6.                Smart Notification based on Big Data Technology

7.                Separation of the platform and Logic Library

8.                New Portable Media application Support

9.                Security and liable platform and data information.

       6.Application Value

Upon the establishment of an information management platform, communication sharing, and an open inquiry service of the immovable property information to the public, a more complete, accurate, and reliable social welfare system has been built, and the public legal rights has been protected this way.